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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Food Flack Nation Attacks Journalist Eric Schlosser

"Fast Food Nation" mega-selling author Eric Schlosser must be doing something right. He's under vicious attack from food industry lobbyists and front groups mimicking his book title in their website smearing him. Fleishman-Hillard's Becky Johnson and her fellow flustered food flacks risk publicizing Schlosser's writings in their over-the-top efforts to condemn him.
The industrial food lobby is freaking-out over "Chew On This", his new book aimed at youngsters, and the fact that his "Fast Food Nation" is being made into a major Hollywood movie with the same title. Best Food Nation is the food industry's sound-alike website funded by the American Farm Bureau Federation, American Meat Institute, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, National Council of Chain Restaurants, and 14 other food lobbies. The website highlights anti-Schlosser rants by industry-funded front groups including Heartland Institute and the American Council on Science and Health.
The attack on Schlosser by industry-funded front groups was evident in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune reported that "the food and restaurant industry has launched a counterattack that includes .. protests at some book signings" and that at a Lincoln Park bookstore, a Virginia-based group called the Center for Individual Freedom" passed out flyers. The Center receives corporate funding for its work, but does not reveal which corporations.


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