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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Flutie: Lucky Man

(In addition to the Doug Flutie press conference, the Patriots announced the signing of two rookie free agents -- receiver Jakari Wallace and running back Patrick Cobbs. For more on the signings, visit this part of
After owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick spoke at the podium, Doug Flutie -- wearing blue jeans and a black short-sleeved button-down shirt -- stepped to center stage.
His opening statement:
“I want to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this here. More importantly than all that was bringing me back here for one more year, to New England, to have the opportunity to have my daughter, in her senior year of high school, to be with her friends year-round. To be able to watch my nephews play ball. All that was very important to me. Those of you who know me know how attached I am to this area.
“Along those lines, yes, I am officially retiring. For me, I’d like to look at it as moving along in my life and looking forward as to what is coming. I wanted to approach it all along that I was planning on taking a job with the networks [ABC/ESPN], and we’d announce that. That’s kind of the way I wanted to direct it initially, but everybody wanted to hear that ‘are you retiring?’ thing, so we did this approach in going to announce it.
“Looking back for me, it’s been 21 years. I’ve had more fun, and enjoyment, at this game than anything else. I just love playing football. I love competing -- all of you who know me, the basketball and whatnot -- I enjoy playing. It’s still a game to me. The game has changed over the years. The last 3-4 years it really hasn’t been a lot of fun. Bill [Belichick], putting that dropkick in for me to do, kind of put the fun back in the game; to me what the game is all about. It’s about competing out on the field, finding a way to win, and having fun doing it. That’s been my approach throughout my life and the way I’ve approached this game. I’m just a big kid. I think that’s pretty evident in the fact that … I joined a men’s baseball league with my brothers this spring. That kind of indicated [what I was doing football-wise]. I had told them all along ‘when I retire, as long as I can still walk, we’re going to do this.’ That’s what I’m all about.
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