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Saturday, May 20, 2006

d r i f t g l a s s: Gail Wynand - White Courtesy Phone.

Another brilliant post by driftglass on the frgamentation of the right. The G.O.P. is disintegrating and drifty tells "BoBo" Brooks why. Why his wonderful coalition is falling apart and spinning off into the deep space of hate and loathing. --pseudolus
I think it's always cracking good sport when you can wallop a Conservative Republican upside his pointy, white head with citations and 'lessons' from Ayn Rand.
It's a lot like lobbing their very own, Clinton-Impeachment era rhetoric about the absolute Constitutional imperative of holding any Presdient accountable for the perfect verity of every word they utter "especially when our soldiers are in harm's way in distant lands" back into their camp...
...and then watching them run screaming from their own thunderhead rhetoric faster than if that critter from Alien had farted acid into their eyes.
Because the basic problem with Conservatives is, of course, they dare not be honest -- really, really honest -- about what drives them. Despite the groundbreaking work being done in Advanced Public Hatespeech at the Coulter/Malkin Institute for Applied Fascism, it still isn’t cool to embrace one’s Inner Klansman in the town square.


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