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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Crisis Shortage Poses Crisis for White House! - by Beth Quinn

As George Bush's approval rating fell below 30 percent last week, the White House scrambled to locate a new crisis for the president to "face like a man," thereby perpetuating the charade that he's a leader.
Alas, it appears that Bush's spendthrift ways have caught up with him. He squandered all the crises at his disposal during his first five years in office. He's plumb out of crises with which to keep us from noticing that his tax cuts benefit only the rich.
In fact, Americans have grown crisis-weary and only a handful of people are still willing to believe the sky is falling every time Bush proclaims a new crisis.
He's trying to crisis-up immigration right now - an issue that's rarely considered a crisis until an election is approaching, as it is now.
But immigration has proved to be such a dismal little crisis that Bush felt the need to jack up the fear last week by calling out the National Guard to help man the U.S.-Mexico border.
(Note to Bush: The National Guard is in Iraq right now fighting one of your previously made-up crises, so they aren't available for the Mexico gig.)


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