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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bush: 'Alpha Male on the Cruise Ship'

When future historians scratch their heads and wonder how George W. Bush came to lead the world's most powerful nation at the start of the Twenty-First Century, it might help them to know that many Americans found his type familiar and thus reassuring. Bush was the alpha male on the cruise ship.
He was like the wise-cracking guy leading a pack of vacationers out of the elevator toward the all-you-can-eat buffet bar, while poking fun at Charlie for getting too much sun on his bald head or at Mildred for putting on a few extra pounds. The others in the group titter with nervous amusement, fearing their ribbing will come next.
Like that dominant male on the cruise ship, Bush exhibits a freedom to mock the appearance of almost anyone, holding up both American citizens and foreign leaders to public ridicule for how they look.


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