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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Book claims White House using mis-speak rhetoric

US President George W. Bush frequently has been criticized for being verbally challenged, but a new rhetorical analysis of the Bush White House, based on the public record, argues that the president and his colleagues have demonstrated an impressive facility with the language.
In plain English, the authors of a new book, based on public statements, claim that the Bush Administration has on purpose used a Machiavellian pattern of Orwellian mis-speak.
According to the authors of "Globalization and Empire: The US Invasion of Iraq, Free Markets, and the Twilight of Democracy" (University of Alabama Press), the Bush presidency has built a verbal "operation of deception" characterized by fabrications and lies, disinformation and propaganda, posturing and threats and an arsenal of rhetorical tricks, chief among them what rhetoricians call logical fallacies.
The authors claim that the public statements and policies of the Bush White House generally have clashed with each other. In turn, and specifically, the authors say irregular but common practices of the administration -- what the researchers call "crony capitalism," "patriotic provincialism," "privatizing globalism" and "institutionalized privateering" -- are not only ruining Iraq, but cheating U.S. taxpayers out of billions of dollars and potential social services, threatening to send the United States into a "numbing economic morass," and undercutting democracy.


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