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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Undocumented Workers Contribute Plenty - by Derrick Z. Jackson

At the New York rally for legalization of immigrants, Chung-Wha Hong, the executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition, said, ''We are inseparable, indivisible, and impossible to take out of America."
In Phoenix, Victor Colex, a 37-year-old fence builder who makes between $7 and $8 an hour, told the Washington Post, ''We are not asking for favors. We only want to work, for our families and parents and children."
In Boston, 26-year-old Robin Martini, a legal immigrant from Guatemala, told the Globe, ''We give a grain a day of ourselves to this country. We want to be part of it. We respect the laws. We pay our taxes. We want a piece of the American dream."
Americans seem to get this, in a conflicted way. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll says that 63 percent of Americans now support legalization of immigrants who have lived here for a certain number of years. A new CBS News Poll found that 74 percent of Americans favor letting illegal immigrants who have been in the country at least five years stay and work in the United States providing they pay a fine, pay any back taxes they owe, speak English, and have no criminal record.


Blogger samrocha said...

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