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Friday, April 28, 2006

Think Progress � VIDEO: O'Reilly Attacks Newspaper Editor Who Died Four Years Ago

OK. This one had me until the end. "Stephen A. Rogers" and not "Stephen Rogers"? OY! So, it's not the fact that BO is attacking someone because he has perceived them as enemy figures out of proportion to their real threat, or that he uses his HUGE bully pulpit to stir up citizens to harrass them. No. This is upsetting because some writer/researcher got a father and son with the same name confused? That's never happened before. Oh, the tragedy.
Sounds like an easy mistake and some staff need to be spanked. It's embarrassing, but not malicious like so much of BO's other crap. Sorry, Judd, this one is much ado about nothing.  --pseudolus
April 15th, the Syracuse Post-Standard published a satirical editorial which made a passing reference to the sexual harassment suit Bill O?Reilly settled in 2004. O?Reilly was not amused.
Soon after the editorial appeared, he added the Post-Standard to his list of ?Media Operations That Traffic in Defamation.? O?Reilly escalated the fight (which he alone is waging) one step further on Monday?s edition of The Factor. During his Talking Points Memo, he put the pictures of Stephen Rogers and Mark Libbon up on the screen, called them ?villians,? and guided viewers to their office contact information ?should you want to speak with them.? Watch the clip HERE:


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