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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

PressThink: Murray Waas is Our Woodward Now

"Not only is Woodward not in the hunt, but he is slowly turning into the hunted. Part of what remains to be uncovered is how Woodward was played by the Bush team, and what they thought they were doing by leaking to him, as well as what he did with the dubious information he got."
It should be obvious from the work who the Woodward of Now is. And if it isn?t obvious Greg Sargent can explain it to you over at the American Prospect.
The guy?s name is Murray Waas; he?s an independent journalist who recently went to work as a staff writer for the National Journal and the Atlantic Media Company, which owns the Atlantic Monthly, the Journal, and other titles. Waas has been in the game since he was 18, when he started working for the columnist Jack Anderson.


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