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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Orlando Sentinel - The movie Sony re-HEALLY doesn't want critics to see by Roger Moore

Posted on Apr 5, 2006 2:43:27 PM
How bad is The Benchwarmers? So bad that Sony disinvited the press, al over America, from seeing the darned thing.

Except in Orlando. And therein, is a tale...
I go see the movie Monday night as an invited member of the press.
It sucks (shockingly, seeing as how Rob Schneider is in it, Adam Sandler produced it, and David Spade blows and sucks in a co-starring role).
I write a review, not the nastiest ever, but close enough.
It's posted on our KRT wire service. It's the only one there. Nobody else saw it.
And next thing you know, Sony people, from marketing, advertising and the like (apparently not communicating with one another) are calling us, and newspapers planning on running the review. Calls to Dallas, Kansas City, Toledo, and on down the line.
And with the calls from Sony, come the lies. The review is "bogus," they tell one editor. "Unauthorized." That I "disguised" myself to get in (a roped-off row for "press" is not exactly incognito) to another. That KRT subscribing papers have to "pay" extra to run the review.
I had an invitation. "You and a guest are cordially invited..." Regional studio rep. forgets to uninvite me, if the studio ever told her to do so. Local rep knows nothing of such shenanigans. And I've since been told that the Jacksonville and Tampa paper's critics also got to see it, but not being wire service providers, weren't noticed until later. Sony, there's a hint as to where your problem is. Several Florida papers were somehow invited to two separate screenings. Get the connection?
I saw the movie, with an audience. No disguise, no nothing.

  • The movie Sony re-HEALLY doesn't want critics to see

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