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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Louie Report � Music Biz

Back in 2004, I was extremely bummed out when I heard that Mojo Nixon would be retiring FOREVER from live performances to focus on his new career as a disc jockey for Sirius Satellite Radio. Back when I was attending college, Mojo Nixon was the perfect tonic to the manufactured schlock of the ?80s- all the silly haircut bands that seemed to be more occupied with their image and dance moves, rather than the music itself. Mojo represented a bold break from all of the posers, using his insane hillbilly bastard persona to deliver euphoric foot-stomping rhythm and blues with a massive overload of gut-tickling satire. I mean, here was a guy that you KNEW ate, drank, slept and breathed the finest elements of the American pop cultural scream dream as personified by Elvis Presley, Howlin? Wolf, Johnny Cash, James Brown, Little Richard, and that ever subversive bastion of American parody-MAD magazine.
Mojo & Buddy was gud budz...this news'll kill 'em.


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