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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Johnny Hiland Posted by Picasa
Man this fellow can play a guitar! His solo debut album"Johnny Hiland" is just terrific (go there to hear some samples.) He is a big fan of many guitarists and can emulate a slew of them with ease and grace. The tunes on this album range in style from the "redneck jazz" of Danny Gatton (Gatton To It & G Wiz), to the country blues of Roy Buchannan (Truth Hurts), to the roadhouse jump of Jimmy Thackery (Swinging the Strings) to the spacey fusion rock of Joe Satriani (Going Home & Run With It). If you like your guitar picking tasty, stylish and sweet you have to get you some Johnny Hiland. This good ol' boy is a Maine native now living in Tennesee. He's much in demand as a session player for the likes of Ricky Skaggs and many others in Nashville. --pseudolus
from his new label Steve Vai's "Favored Nations":

"If you tried, you couldn�t make up a story this good: legally blind kid grows up in a trailer home in rural Maine. A guitar prodigy, he tours with the family band starting at age 8, wins local and regional competitions, moves to Nashville, ends up dropping jaws all over town, doing sessions with Ricky Skaggs, Toby Keith, Randy Travis, Janie Fricke and many more, and gets signed by Steve Vai when his manager leaves a demo snippet on Steve�s voicemail box.

�Johnny Hiland� is a blend of taste and flash, in which emotional, solid composition and hair-raising performance complement rather than compete with each other. Featuring Billy Sheehan, Bill Holloman, and Pat Torpey.

"I think Johnny Hiland is the most versatile guitar player I've ever heard. From Bill Monroe to Eddie Van Halen, he can play it all."- Ricky Skaggs

Interview in Modern Guitars Magazine:

Update: 4-30-2006
Video of Johnny showing off his new guitar...


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