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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Iran: The Day After - by Phyllis Bennis

The airwaves and the headlines are full of talk of a U.S. military strike against Iran. That is as it should be - the danger of such a reckless move is real, and rising, and we should be talking about it. The Bush administration claims that negotiations are their first choice. But they have gone to war based on lies before, and there is no reason to believe that they are telling the truth this time.
They have put the military - and even, horrifyingly, the nuclear - option at the center of the table. Don?t worry, they say, even if a preventive military strike is needed, we're only talking about ?surgical? attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities - no one, they say, is talking about invasion. It can?t happen, some say. The military brass knows their troops are bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, they appear to be strongly opposed to a strike on Iran.
And we know that any military strike on Iran - ANY strike - would be a violation of international law prohibiting preventive war. And George Bush now admits that "preventive war" - not his earlier claim of pre-emptive war - is indeed his strategic doctrine.


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