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Monday, April 24, 2006

Family Guy visits Farm

Dressed in a slick leather jacket and armed with a back-pocket bottle of Jack Daniels, executive producer and creator of the hit cartoon ?Family Guy,? Seth MacFarlane brought the house down last night during his talk at Memorial Auditorium.
Speaking in front of a packed crowd of students and community members ? one of whom pointed out that MacFarlane?s sister used to baby sit her years ago in Connecticut ? MacFarlane touched on his show?s recent rivalry with Comedy Central?s ?South Park,? as well as his ongoing battle with government and network censors.
Much like the show itself, MacFarlane?s amusing anecdotes and non-sequiturs provided more humor than the central theme of the talk itself. In between the primary narrative focusing on the show?s history and his own background in cartooning, MacFarlane weaved stories of Farrah Fawcett doing cocaine in studio bathrooms and deliberations over whether Federal Communications Commission (FCC) censors would trade him ?two asses and a bitch for that bastard.?


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