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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bush's Nutty Nuclear Braggadocio - by Robert Scheer

There is one clear standard by which President Bush has asked, over and over, to be judged: his ability to keep us safe from rogue nations or terrorists armed with weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately, by any rational definition of that standard, his 5-year administration has been an abysmal failure.
The quandary in which Bush finds himself regarding Iran?s apparent quest for nuclear weapons is only the latest example in an astonishing series of national security blunders.
First, he vacationed while a crescendo of intelligence warnings of imminent terrorist attack blossomed into the spectacle of Sept. 11, 2001. Then, he allowed the mastermind of those attacks, Osama bin Laden, to escape while diverting U.S. resources into Iraq to save the world from Saddam Hussein?s nonexistent WMDs. Now, tied down in Iraq?s civil strife, Bush holds no high cards in a dangerous poker match with Iran.


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