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Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Anti-Christian Conspirators" Slay DeLay

by Robert Scheer 
Blame it on the vast anti-Christian conspiracy. That was the explanation offered by U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas and his supporters last week for the whirlpool of legal difficulties that finally led the ex-leader of the Republicans in Congress to admit it was time to call it quits.
The convener of a ?War on Christians? conference held in the nation?s capital outrageously depicted the former House majority leader?s political plight as the unwarranted crucifixion of a Christ-like leader by God-haters. And, with his trademark gall, the infamously ethically challenged DeLay eagerly embraced this explanation when it was his turn to speak to the adoring crowd.
?We have been chosen to live as Christians at a time when our culture is being poisoned and our world is being threatened,? thundered the Texan pest-control entrepreneur who rose to become one of America?s most powerful politicians. ?The enemies of virtue may be on the march, but they have not won.?
I am always amazed at the power we demon-cRats attain whenever one of these skunks suddenly decides to "spend-more-time-with-the-family". Suddenly, we evil liberals who can no longer win elections or polls or anything-and-who-don't-have-a-single-new-idea-for-this-post-9/11-world can put the boots to self-righteous God bothering men such as Brother DeLay who don't deserve this after all he gave to America. yawn ...retch


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