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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Winning Back Our Rights, Taking Back Our Country

Published on Monday, March 20, 2006 by 
by Stewart Acuff
Our nation and our people face a profound choice this year; once again a choice that will define the future for tens of thousands of working families and their children, seniors, the working poor, and the middle class and students.
We can choose the side that will further squeeze the middle class, destroying or further off-shoring good paying jobs. We can choose the side signing trade deals that serve to exploit workers in developing countries while closing factories and destroying futures here. We can choose the side that is helping corporate America offload pensions, break their promises to workers, and sentence hundreds of thousands of workers to an old age of poverty or near poverty. We can choose the side that risked the safety of our families and our homeland in the pursuit of a reckless foreign policy.
We can choose the side that raised the pay of Congress seven times, but refuses to increase the minimum wage. We can choose the side that does nothing to solve our healthcare crises.


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