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Monday, March 20, 2006

Who were those guys?

The "Press" should be mad as hell about this. If this becomes common knowledge, who is going to trust anyone claiming to be "the Press" in the future? But, I bet we hear nada, zero, zip out of the lapdog media members. --pseudolus
Agents posed as journalists before visit
There was a whirlwind of activity in the days prior to President Bush's arrival at a home on the beach in Gautier last week, with government officials and Secret Service scouting a location and checking the neighborhood where Bush would stop.
The reason for all the fuss was kept a secret even from the family that received Bush. They didn't know it was prelude to a presidential visit until the day Bush arrived.
But one part of the preparation for the President's arrival involved two government agents posing as journalists.
Recounting the pre-visit days for WLOX and the Sun Herald, Jerry Akins, who received Bush, mentioned that on the Friday before Bush arrived, two men approached him identifying themselves as members of the media.


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