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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Schools Also on the Front Lines in Iraq - Yahoo! News

So, Laura Ingrham wants the media to tell us about the newly painted and re-opened schools in iraq, rather than the daily violence. Yeah, OK, so here goes...
BAGHDAD, Iraq - The day began like any other at Dijla Primary School in Baghdad's posh Mansour district. Rows of students in neat gray and white uniforms gathered in the courtyard to raise the Iraqi flag and sing the national anthem. They read passages from religious texts, then cheerfully went to their classrooms. Headmistress Wajida Sharhan was working in her office when a mortar shell slammed into a second-floor fifth grade classroom.
"The sound of the explosion was so powerful, as if heaven and earth collided," she said. "I couldn't open my eyes because of the dust. I heard loud screams from the children, and a girl came into my office with her arm nearly cut off."

More on this subject:
at Crooks & Liarstoday they have some footage of an 'in-country' reporter disputing the outrageous charges of the BushCo administration that they aren't covering enough of the 'good news' in Iraq. Go check it out for yourselves...


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