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Friday, March 17, 2006

Operation Overblown

Back to Iraq 3.0:

BAGHDAD ? Operation Swarmer is turning out to be much less than meets the eye, or the television camera, for that matter.
...Operation Swarmer included more than 1,500 troops from the Iraqi Army?s 4th Division, the U.S. 101st Airborne Division and 101st Combat Aviation Brigade. The Soldiers isolated the objective area in a combined air and ground assault.
More than 50 Attack and assault aircraft and 200 tactical vehicles participated in the operation. Troops from the Iraqi Army?s 4th Division, the ?Rakkasans? from the 187th Infantry Regiment and the ?Hunters? from the 9th Cavalry Regiment assaulted multiple objectives. Forces from the Iraqi 2nd Commando Brigade then completed a ground infiltration to secure numerous structures in the area...
That sounds exciting! But according to a colleague of mine from TIME who traveled up there today on a U.S. embassy-sponsored trip, there are no insurgents, no fighting and 17 of the 41 prisoners taken have already been released after just one day. The ?number of weapons caches? equals six, which isn?t unusual when you travel around Iraq. They?re literally everywhere.

Update: 7:34pm 3-17-06
Well, it seems Chris was right... it was another "Operation Bullshit".

read the whole thing...
Time Magazine report


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