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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The New York Review of Books: Baghdad: The Besieged Press

So, the media aren't reporting the 'good news' out if Iraq and are therefor undermining the "Bush Great War on Terror", despite the death of some 80 journalists. "What sluggards!" "What traitors!" "The war is winning! "Tair-ists is on the run!" "Death to Liberal Mediums!"  --pseudolus
"Ladies and Gents," the South African pilot matter-of-factly announces over the intercom, "we'll be starting our spiral descent into Baghdad, where the temperature is 19 degrees Celsius." The vast and mesmerizing expanse of sandpapery desert that has been stretching out beneath the plane has ended at the Tigris River. To avoid a dangerous glide path over hostile territory and missiles and automatic weapons fire, the plane banks steeply and then, as if caught in a powerful whirlpool, it plunges, circling downward in a corkscrew pattern.
Upon arriving in Amman, the main civilian gateway to Baghdad, one already has had the feeling of drawing ever nearer to an atomic reactor in meltdown. Even in Jordan, there is a palpable sense of being in the last concentric circle away from a radioactive ground zero emitting uncontrollable waves of contamination.


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