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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Joe Satriani - Super Colossal

Super Colossal Posted by Picasa
On first listen I was a little disappointed. Either the production values were off or the rip was bad, but it sounded kinda muffled/buzzy, granted I was listening to this at work at less than optimum volume. But I listen to many of his albums this way at work and the guitar playing just rings out even at 'e-z-listening' volumes mandated at the office. The usual clear steely guitar sound was subdued. On subsequent listenings I had to conclude it was intentional. He has a new toy for his guitar effects (POG - whatever that is.) This seems to be more of a "full band" effort as opposed to a Joe Satriani 'solo' album. Yes, I know, Joe is 'the band' except for the drummers he hires. When you hear it you will know what I mean. Here he is exploring more melodies rather than just shredding the fretboard or squeezing out spacey new sounds.

All in all it would seem to be a good buy for any JS fans and also a good intro to the uninitiated.--pseudolus
...ripped shamelessly from the bowels of amazon:

GREAT songwriting - some of Joe's best, March 18, 2006

Reviewer: D. Gruska (Alexandria, VA USA)
I've been listening to this album exclusively, and on loop this whole week. I'll probably take it out after a month or so. There are only a few other artists I generally do that with - Steve Vai, Dream Theater, King Crimson, and Queensryche (though I'm not too impressed with what I've heard so far of Mindcrime II) being the main ones. Before Joe's new album, John Petrucci's excellent "Suspended Animation" had exclusive rights to my CD players.

Here's my thought so far:

Super Colossal - I'm not overly impressed with the title track. It just seems too simplistic to me (though I'm sure it's not as easy as it seems). However, the POG effect (one of Joe's new pedals) is really cool - especially at the end of the sustained notes.

Just Like Lightnin - Yeah, this is more like it. Funky groove - cool lead lines. I can just imagine Joe swinging his head back and forth playing this. The ending is perfect.

It's So Good - This song has such a laid back, clap your hands, feel-good vibe. It reminds me of Hill Groove (from Strange Beautiful Music) a little, but I like this one better. The only thing that really bugs me about this song is the lead guitar has an "Engines of Creation"-type effect going on, which doesn't really seem to fit.

Redshift Riders - This is definitely reminiscent of the Surfing With The Alien days, once the distorted guitars kick in. But then it unexpectedly shifts to a more dramatic, funky mood, (before alternating back again) which to me, fits in perfectly. One of my favorite tracks.

Ten Words - Written in part after Sept. 11th, this track is very emotional. It is REALLY well done - it reminds me of George Harrison's playing - both happy and sad at the same time.

A Cool New Way - With a bass line reminicenst of Robb Dougan's "Clubbed to Death" (used in the first "Matrix" movie - lady in the red dress scene), and jangling 12 strings that really add a lot of background texture, and a cool, changing melody line, this song has plenty to keep you interested.

One Robot's Dream - Very EOC-like beginning and end. I'm surprised Joe didn't used the EOC-type effect on the lead guitars that he used on A Cool New Way (if he did, I don't hear it). The drum beat is perfect for the song - very mechanical. And the start of the lead guitar is great - very blippy. I wish Joe had included more stuff like this in the rest of the song. While it's a good song, I don't hear enough robot-like things to believe the robot is having the dream.

The Meaning of Love - Wow. A VERY smooth 7/4, nice pizzicatto strings, great melody. I love the long, sustained notes. And the solo starting at 2:08 is classic.

Made of Tears - Another great groove. Really nice keyboard pads back a sweet melody, but the song has some kick to it as well. It's also got a kind of Celtic vibe that was present in parts on The Extremist CD.

Theme for a Strange World - One of the best songs I've heard in a while from any artist. It does a great job of capturing Joe's inspiration for the song - a disconnected-from-reality feeling. There's a weird sense of urgency to it. Sounds a bit like Joe's "Mountain Song", from Strange Beautiful Music, but better.

Movin' On - One of the weaker songs on the album, in my opinion, but still good. It doesn't seem very Joe-like to me, but the ending almost makes up for it - Joe uses pick scrapes evoking the chorus at the end of The Beatles' "I Am The Walrus" (the "Oom-pah, oom-pah, everybody oom-pah" part).

A Love Eternal - This song sends chills down my spine every time I listen to it. It's just a really beautiful song. Every note is perfectly played. Joe hasn't said it (that I'm aware of), but this one's got to be another song for his wife, Rubina.

Crowd Chant - I really hope this gets Joe some more recognition, as it's a perfect song for audience participation at sporting events. There's not a whole lot to the piece, but it does showcase some of Joe's "trick bag", mostly used on earlier records like his original EP (out of print, but you can hear three of the four songs on Tim Machine album). It's just a fun little song. It does seem a bit out of place on the album, but if it helps Joe get a bigger audience, I'm all for it.

Overall comment - This is my favorite Joe Satriani album. If you're looking for lots of over-the-top playing like on Surfing With The Alien or Flying In A Blue Dream, you're not going to find much of that here. But the excellent songwriting (his best in my opinion), layering of instruments, production quality, and just cool, memorable and emotional melodies on this album more than make up for it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A different kind of Satch album. He really emphasized more Rythm guitar in the tracks and it has more a complete Rock Band feel. I like it alot. One Robots Dream really stood out on this album. So far its been my favorite of the new stuff.

My advice, worthy of buying.

2/17/2007 10:15 PM  

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