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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Even in West Texas, Bush Takes A Whuppin'

        President Bush beat the rest of the field like an orchestra timpani in my poll to find out who's least admired among a list of shaky characters.
        A couple weeks ago, I asked y'all to vote on who you thought should have the lowest approval rating: George W., Saddam Hussein, Kenneth Lay, O.J. Simpson, Barry Bonds, Jeffrey "Let's Do Lunch" Dahmer, and Sarah, the nasty old former bartender out at the Dry Creek Cafe on Mount Bonnell Road.
        One guy e-mailed me all honked off for including Osama bin Laden in the same poll with George W. I never mentioned bin Laden in my poll, and I told the guy so. Seems he had gotten bin Laden and Saddam mixed up.
        Isn't that how we got into this Iraq mess in the first place?
        Bush was a shoo-in for lowest approval rating with 534 votes, or 62.17 percent of the vote. Sarah came in a distant second with 89 votes, or 10.36 percent. What this proves is that there are more people chapped about the war in Iraq than there are folks who have been thrown out of the Dry Creek Cafe.
        The rest of the field came in like this: Hussein, 83 votes (9.66 percent); Dahmer, 47 votes (5.47 percent); Simpson, 45 votes (5.24 percent); Bonds, 32 votes (3.73 percent) and Lay, 29 votes (3.38 percent).
        So Bush didn't do so well here. But I always figured that even if George W. Bush's dog hauled off and bit him, he could always head out to his old oil patch stomping grounds and be universally loved.
Boy, was I wrong.


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