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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Blog | Tom D'Antoni: D For Danger | The Huffington Post

    Sometimes being "out here" in Oregon adds a certain perspective. East Coasters, especially in, on and around the Beltway, or in New York City, because they're a part of the machine (or think they are), don't get quite as alarmed as others. Or as alarmed they should be. The incremental takeover of the powers of government by the executive branch has gotten totally out of hand.
    Look at this: The President of the United States has decided he is above the law. Is there any disagreement with that? He thinks he can ignore any existing law he chooses, violate the Constitution he has sworn to uphold, and by adding a paragraph at the end of any particular law he's signing, he can nullify that law.
    Just a minute, here. We're allowing this to happen before our very eyes. This isn't funny. This isn't censurable. This is impeachable. This is criminal. This is profoundly anti-American. It is what dictators do.
    We're in deep shit. Deeper than we've ever been in before.
    We've let them steal an election (two really). We've let them start a war. We've let them bankrupt our country. We've let them ship our jobs to other countries. We've allowed religious fanatics to infect every aspect of our lives.    We've stood by and let this happen. Why did we do that? Because of a few terrorists? Does this make sense to you? Does anything make sense?
    And if we try to vote them out of office, we've allowed them to place voting machines that give bogus results in our polling places. What's wrong with us?
    Why are the Democrats complicit? Ok, not Conyers and Feingold and Dean. Where are the so-called liberals from so-called progressive Oregon?
    It's easy to see why V For Vendetta is so popular. But as articulately as it laid out the logical conclusion of what's transpiring in Washington right now, the Masque-ex-machina was a convenient savior. It didn't require much action by the public, except putting on some masks and walking downtown.

Wasn't the first American Revolution fought against a King George? Is that what's required of us?

2006 is the tipping point. Which side are you on?



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