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Friday, February 03, 2006

Once Upon a Time...

Arthur Silber was a voice of wisdom on the interweb. Times were hard, Arthur has gone on hiatus a couple of times now as circumstances have intervened. Well, he's back. Below is an email I'm sure he won't mind my printing. Authur hails philosophically from the 'radical middle' of political thought. His takes on things are often 'spot on' in my and many others opinions, having been referred to often by such bloggers as digby, atrios, tom tomorrow and the whisky bar.
Go visit his place, he has a couple really. Revel in his incisive writings. Show him some love if you can. Voces like his need our support.
Hi ,
I'm writing to express my deep gratitude and thanks for your past support of
my writing, to apologize for my temporary disappearance (caused by a
combination of awful factors), and to let you know that I'm back -- with not
one, but two blogs.  They are Once Upon A Time:
And The Sacred Moment:
You'll see that I've already republished many of my major essays, including
many from my Alice Miller series:
(A partial explanation of what happened over the last month will be found in
two posts -- and a fuller explanation will probably be forthcoming soon.
The two posts are here:
Thank you again for your generosity and kindness.  I repeat my request for
ideas about marketing my writing expressed in the posts mentioned above: if
you any thoughts along those lines, I'd be most grateful to hear them.  And
if you care to spread the word about my return, I'd be grateful for that,
too.  :>)
As I indicate, there is a great deal of writing I still plan to do -- so I
guess I'd better get to it.
All my best,


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