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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Democracy Isn't For Our Friends Only

Published on Tuesday, January 31, 2006 by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
by Robert Fisk
Oh no, not more democracy again! Didn't we award this to those Algerians in 1990? And didn't they reward us with that nice gift of an Islamist government -- and then they so benevolently canceled the second round of elections? Thank goodness for that!
True, the Afghans elected a round of representatives, albeit they included warlords and murderers. But the Iraqis last year elected the Dawa party in Baghdad, which was responsible -- let us not speak this in Washington, D.C. -- for most of the kidnappings of Westerners in Beirut in the '80s, the car bombing of the (late) emir and the United States and French embassies in Kuwait.
Now, horror of horrors, the Palestinians have elected the wrong party. They were supposed to have given their support to the pro-Western, corrupt, absolutely pro-American Fatah, which had promised to "control" them, rather than to Hamas, which said they would represent them. And, bingo, they have chosen the wrong party again.


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