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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Public Schools Better Than Private Govt. Study Shows

OOPS! Let that one get away from you, huh. Sorry about that, conservatives! All your work to cede the public schools to the poor and downtrodden while you spirit your kids away to private schools and better education doesn't seem to work. How about, instead, you work to improve the public schools? --pseudolus
A government sponsored independent research study of hundreds of thousands of American students shows what the Bushistas in the Education Department absolutely did not want to be told.
Private schools lag behind public schools in math.
Study results: Private schools have no advantage in math.
Public school pupils do as well or even better in comparison
New York Times
WASHINGTON - A large-scale government-financed study has concluded that students in regular public schools do as well or significantly better in math than comparable students in private schools.


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