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Sunday, January 29, 2006

For hardcore Blues fans only...Really. I ain't shittin' ya!

By Honeyboy Edwards, as narrated to Buddy Blue

Dave "Honeyboy" Edwards, born June 28, 1915, was present at the nativity of the blues -- which is not unlike having arm-wrestled General Lee. Edwards won't, however, be around for the blues' last rites -- and according to Honeyboy, no one else ever will, either.

At age 90, Edwards remains in full control of both his extensive faculties and musical talents. Effusive, gracious and boasting a steel-trap recall the envy of a man a fraction his age, Edwards is precious American treasure, history on the hoof.

Under extenuating circumstances like, say, when trying to do justice to the life of a man who intimately knew and performed with such mythical figures as Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton and Son House, words fail even the most windy of wordsmiths. No, better to let Edwards -- who performs January 26th at Acoustic Music San Diego, a must-see event, relate his own story.

--Buddy Blue


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