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Saturday, January 28, 2006

d r i f t g l a s s: Dead Soldiers?

...On the surface it?s about fraud and waste, which are dry, green-eyeshade kinds of crimes. Boring. The sort of thing you go after Capone over when you can?t nail him for murder.
Slightly beneath the skin it's about the single most consistently defining characteristic of the Republican Party. Hypocrisy. Because this is also the story of the same people who bellow like you had booted their kitten through a box fan every time the Evil Government asks them to kick [in] to help out childen or poor people, or brown people or old people.
When we ask for tax increases to help the weak or the sick or helpless or just plain unlucky, basically anyone who isn't them -- these Compassionate Christian Conservatives loudly bitch around the block and back again about the folly of throwing money at the problem.
Well, in George Bush?s War it would appear that that is exactly and literally what they are doing: keeping rooms stuffed with shrink-wrapped brinks [bricks] of hundred-dollar-bills just laying around. But I guess using taxpayer "C"-notes as bathmats and ass-floss is A-OK in Iraq, 'cause, um, it's about Democracy.


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