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Monday, January 02, 2006

d r i f t g l a s s: Bye bye, 2005

I know that nobody but a damned fool would go and tamper with ?American Pie?. Even a little bit.
And I know this isn?t literally what happened in 2005. Not the order in which things happened, or their relative importance.
This is just my own set of Emotional Flashcards to be tucked away for future use should I ever need a vivid reminder of how it felt -- in the belly -- to be alive right here and now. A sense of how it felt to look immediately back in on that receding, centerpunching year just past and mourn it for what it might have been.
And hey, who ever said I wasn't a damned fool anyway?
So with great respect for Don McLean's original, epic poem (and fair warning that the graphic load on this means it might run slow) here's a very lightly edited version, along with my wish for a Happy and Peaceful New Year to one and all...


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