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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Band of Brothers - Response to the Attacks on Rep. Murtha

We?re all aware of the recent attacks on Rep. John P. Murtha?s (D-PA) war record as reported in the Washington Post. Band of Brothers has been chartered on the very principle that?s under siege here: that veterans who served this country diligently should not have their war records questioned and attacked by partisan entities through the press without a watchdog ready to bite them back when they?re out of line. Thanks to a transparently opinionated and politically motivated attack, a lot of American viewers, readers, and voters now believe that John Murtha, a man who put his life in harm?s way in defense of our country, did not get wounded enough to deserve the purple hearts he was awarded.
Here?s a question: If this is really a news item, if John Murtha didn?t deserve the recognition or medals he received, then isn?t the story here that there?s a problem with the panel of military officers who awarded them, or the criteria set forth by the DOD? No, that?s not the story, because that?s not the case.


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