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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Why 'Pseudolus'?

No Bullshit! Posted by Picasa

Plautus uses Pseudolus as a means of creating a comic hero whose worth is not based on his status and class in society. Instead his worth is based on his ruthless cunning and his kindness to those he helps.
Pseudolus represents an attack on the upper class, because, although he is a slave, he seems to be his own master and he is more cunning than they, and he can manipulate them.
For all that he is a trickster, Pseudolus does not manipulate the upper class for his own advancement. He does it to help others, although often twisting his plans to benefit himself at the same time.
Plautus was attempting to show that human worth is not based merely on wealth and social position, but on decent human qualities that transcend what society dictates as making a human great. Pseudolus is not of a powerful status, but his intelligence and kindness to those he loves makes him a great and essentially good character.

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