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Saturday, December 10, 2005

What do we do in Iraq?

We can�t stay.

We can�t leave.

We can�t arm the militias because each is loyal to its own religious
commander, i.e., Sunni, Shiite, Kurd and, fully armed, each will gladly
embark on a religious civil war.

We can�t fail to arm the militias because to do so would require our
presence in Iraq, literally, forever.

We can�t pump Iraqi oil.

We can fail to start pumping Iraqi oil soon.

We can�t retreat down to a manageable force because to do so would be

We can�t fail, ultimately, to retreat to a manageable force size.

We can�t push the Sunnis, who for centuries ruled the Fertile Crescent,
out of power.

We can�t allow the Sunnis to retain power.

We can�t turn most of oil-rich Iraq over to Iran.

We are in the process of turning most of oil-rich Iraq over to Iran (a
rich irony for poor President Carter).

We can�t let the Kurds take the oil from the north and risk forming a
Kurdish super-state because Turkey will, inevitably, go to war with the
Kurds if we do so.

We can�t take the oil away from the Kurds.

We can�t risk alienating further the reactionary Wahabbi Sect in Saudi
Arabia, because to do so will push them into the arms of the Sunnis and,
in short order, destabilize Saudi Arabia, driving the cost of OPEC oil
well above one hundred dollars a barrel. Having issued a fatwah on Hugo
Chavez, we can�t count on Venezuela, the founder of OPEC way back when,
and the only oil source in our hemisphere.

We can�t live without the strong alliance of Venezuela.

We can�t help but alienate the Wahabbi Sect, whose loathing for all things
Shiite is unmatchable in all the world�s schemata of religious hatred,
except, perhaps, for Venezuela�s hatred of us.

We can�t end Baathism because it is the backbone of Iraqi management, and
spreads itself throughout the Middle East, most principally Jordan.

We can�t help but end Baathism if the present Constitution means anything.

We can�t convict Saddam Hussein, an accomplished trial lawyer, graduate of
the largest law school in the world (Cairo), and a man once sentenced to
death who, with the death sentence hanging over his head, sneaked back
into Iraq with a law degree, went public, surrendured himself, then argued
against his own death penalty, reversed it, then escaped from prison and
killed most of those who initially sentenced him to death. Then he took
over the country.

Shrub�s a snack to a guy like Hussein, and the Sunnis, whose entire
society grounds much of itself in revenge, will have theirs before all is
said and done.

We can�t fail to convict Saddam Hussein.

We can�t bear much more of Shrub and Cheney and Rumsfeld, the three
stooges who turn all they touch into a wasteland.

We�re stuck with the Three Stooges for three more years.

Only the GOP could produce a nightmare so dangerously destabilizing.

This nightmare scenario will, soon, break the army of the United States
and plunge us into a nightmare of debt that will send the economies of
China and the EU hurtling past us.

The answer? Elect a Clinton. Either one of them or somebody like them, an
adult, but we�ve had enough of Jump Shot Jesus and Terri Schiavo and
Creationism and fiscal stupidity and cowardly leadership and mouthy little
GOP operatives with no time in uniform to last several lifetimes, which is
about how long it�s going to take to pay the tab for Shrub�s madness.

Shrub has destroyed two centuries of American power and respect.

He should be impeached, tried for treason, and executed.

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