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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Stop The Spirit Of Zossen�-�Techne and the Asian Century

Dear reader, instead, let us travel a bit. And discuss a recent item from The Economist, Japan's Robots: Better Than People. Or as this writer put it, 'Why is Asia so digital, and the West, including the U.S. so analog?'
Both pieces ask why the Japanese (and Asia overall) embrace technology and robotics much more enthusiastically than the West and the U.S. in particular. (See ?Inside the Robot Kingdom? for one summary explanation). Why do Aibos, Sony's robot dog, above, join Japanese families as emotional additions, while those few sold in the U.S. serve mostly as technical hacking exercises? (Que link to hacking the staple of late nite tv, the 'Roomba')
Is this related to recent criticisms by the father of American robotics that Japanese efforts at domestication are 'frivilous'?


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