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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Putting God in Charge: "If they could they would."

Let's start with a question you may never have even thought to ask: Why isn't there mail delivery on Sundays? For quite a while in America, Sunday delivery was not only viewed as entirely unremarkable, but as vital and necessary:

The degree to which a secular approach to government was accepted in early 19th-century America was demonstrated by Congress' refusal to abandon Sunday mail service, which it had mandated in 1810. The 1844 invention of the telegraph would eventually put an end to the commercial need for daily mail, but in the 1820s and '30s, business still depended on the government to keep the mails moving seven days a week.

Nevertheless, powerful right-wing religious leaders waged an unceasing campaign against the sacrilege of Sunday mail, which some considered a more important moral issue than slavery. But evangelical Christians and freethinkers, who had joined together to write and ratify the godless Constitution, wanted no part of government sanction for a religious Sabbath.


go and read the rest for an important history lesson:
click here


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