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Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's Your Life: An Open Letter to Young (and Less Young) Americans

Published on Wednesday, December 14, 2005 by
by David Michael Green 
The Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky once said, ?While you may not be interested in war, war is interested in you?.
The same is true of politics (of which war is simply one part anyhow): You may not be interested in politics, but rest assured, politics is interested in you.
I can understand why many people have little interest in politics. It?s sometimes complicated and it?s often boring, and that?s on a good day. On a bad one, it can be sleazy and representative of the worst human behaviors, including greed, malfeasance, defamation and arrogance.
But guess what? Sleazy or snowy pure, politics determines a whole bunch about the course of your life, including, not least, how long it lasts. The difference between the freedoms of the United States and the murderous totalitarianism of Hitler?s Third Reich comes down to politics. The difference between the health care coverage available to Europeans and that which Americans have (or, for 50 million of us, don?t have) is due to politics. The difference between war and peace is determined by decisions of international politics and national foreign policies.
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