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Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Night Foobar Blogging

"That'll do, pig. That'll do."

0001. Social Distortion - [Prison Bound #07] On My Nerves [4:24]
0002. Nazareth - [Loud 'n' Proud (Remastered) #03] Turn On Your Receiver [3:19]
0003. Walter Trout Band - [Transition #08] Playing With Gloves On [4:15]
0004. They Might Be Giants - [They Got Lost [Rarities] #03] On the Drag [2:18]
0005. Infected Mushroom - [Converting_Vegetarians #03] Drop Out [5:15]
0006. Pink Floyd - [Ummagumma #02] Sysyphus Part II [3:27]
0007. Loreena McKennitt - [A Winter Garden #05] Seeds Of Love [4:55]
0008. Jason and the Scorchers - [Thunder and Fire] When The Angels Cry [4:12]
0009. Hem - [Rabbit Songs #06] Leaving Me Here [3:50]
0010. Elmore James - [The Sky Is Crying - The History Of Elmore James [Rhino] #07] My Best Friend [3:21]
update: Social Distortion tune set me off and I actually played a few more of their tunes before returning to the lineup above. Did a quick search of the web and found the following article/interview:



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