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Friday, December 02, 2005

Dilbert Blog: Intelligent Design Part 3

go read the post if you will, link is above. I tried to comment and have faile dto register twice, so I will comment here, for what it's worth. One of the latest commenters Taras
needed a refutation, so here is what I attempted to post:

...Nor is it necessary that the Intelligent Designer be a deity; that human evolution was tampered with by an "elder race" is a common science fiction theme.


Oh, geez! So, science fiction is what you resort to? You aren't explaining anything with that ruse. You are merely being coy and trying to distract from the real purpose of ID and that is to put Christianity back in the public schools.

Where did the aliens come from? Did they evolve or were they created? You are only adding another level of complication to a problem that you are supposed to be simplifying.

Where did God come from? Did it evolve or was it created? If it can be uncaused why can't the universe be uncaused?

"It's aliens all the way up!" /snark


PZ Myers' take on the Scott Adams' ID series: (Beware! It be talk like a pirate day there. Arrr!)
click here


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