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Monday, November 14, 2005

Target digs itself a deeper hole in emergency contraceptive scandal

by John in DC - 11/14/2005 02:06:00 PM

AMERICAblog reader, and fellow blogger, Joseph Hughes of Hughes for America, just sent me the latest response from Target about their growing emergency contraception scandal.

Full disclosure, I've worked as a consultant for Planned Parenthood for a number of years, on this issue and every other. They're a great organization, and I'd be pushing this issue even if I'd never heard of them. This issue really infuriates me, and scares me too. It isn't just about birth control. This is part of the religious right's larger agenda to "target" gays, women, and other minorities. They hope to slowly and surely take away all of our rights, one small bit at a time. That is what's going on here. Target is caving to America's Taliban, and it needs to stop.

As you may recall, Target is letting its pharmacists refuse to fill your order for emergency contracptive pills (Plan B, as it's called) simply because they find your prescription immoral. Target is now saying that they'll fill your prescription in a "timely manner" at another pharmacy, or at their pharmacy at a later time (presumably when their holier-than-thou employee is on break).

I don't know about you, but when I go to the pharmacist, I don't want him sending me to another Target 40 miles away simply because he has religious issues with my prescription. It's none of his business what prescription I'm getting filled, and short of there being a glaring mistake in my prescription a la "It's a Wonderful Life" - i.e., instead of allergy pills someone gave me cyanide - it's none of his damn business passing religious judgment on my prescriptions, my illnesses, my prefered form of treatment, or me.

I already have a priest, and he doesn't work at Target, thank you.


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