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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Open Letter To The President

You know you’re in trouble when even your most steadfast, head-in-the-sand supporters start bagging on you.



By: MartinAKnight · Section: Diaries

Good day Mr. President,

With all due respect, sir, what in the name of the Almighty is wrong with you?

And when I ask you this question I do believe I am speaking for the vast majority of those people who walked the precincts, sent down the checks, who cheered loudest when the Ohio results came in last year in November. I am talking about your supporters. Those of us who have and most likely will continue to stick by you until the day you finally return to Crawford three years from now.

We are the ones who have kept your poll numbers up when everyone else expected and hoped for them to go down. We are the ones who have remained your staunchest supporters even as the world mocked and insulted you. More importantly, We are the ones who got you elected, re-elected and provided you with majorities in both Houses of Congress, not just once, but twice.

We are the ones who hope and pray that you succeed.

So, again, with all due respect Mr. President, listen and take heed; we're tired. We're sick and tired.


read the whole sad thing



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