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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

MaxSpeak, You Listen!:


Since we have the former Clintonites arguing that they are pro-growth progressives, let’s put some real pro-growth progressive policies on the table.

1) Free-trade starting at the top – all future trade agreements focus on standardizing professional and licensing standards so that it is as easy for a kid born in New Delhi to become a doctor/lawyer/economist in the U.S. as a kid born on Long Island. All current barriers, such as restrictions on the number of foreign medical residents are eliminated. We can maintain immigration restrictions – we’re just replacing custodians and nannies with doctors and lawyers – thereby benefiting from comparative advantage (it’s cheaper to educate people in the developing world.)

 2) Free-market drugs – patent monopolies are an incredibly inefficient way to finance prescription drug research. Patents are a relic of the feudal guild system. We need a 21st century method of financing drug research. This is a micro change with macro size implications. We spend almost 2 percent of GDP on prescription drugs, this would fall by close to 70 percent if drugs were sold in a competitive market.


read the the other 4 suggestions here:



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