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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

LA Times: Padilla is an American

I will have more to say on this later... --pseudolus

The L.A. Times has something to say about George W. Bush's own private personal prisoner...and it brings the Padilla case right down to the basic point: He's being fucked around as an example to anyone who Bush deigns to be a terr'ist.[sic]

Jose Padilla's America

WHATEVER ELSE HE IS, Jose Padilla is an American citizen. That inescapable fact explains both the Bush administration's decision last week to charge him with a crime - and the importance of the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on whether to hear his case.

The first decision represents a change in course for an administration still struggling, more than four years after the attacks of 9/11, to find a legal strategy in the war against terrorism. But it is the second decision, due in almost three weeks, that could prove to be more significant to Americans and the rule of law. The Supreme Court needs to rein in the Bush administration's war on the Constitution.

The question presented in the Padilla case, to paraphrase his brief before the court, is this: Can the president of the United States arrest any U.S. citizen in America and hold him indefinitely without charge in the name of the war against terrorism?

As long as this war continues, it is a question that will remain relevant. And it is a question begging for a resounding "no" from the nation's highest court.




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